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Custom Handcrafted Poker Tables

Order your own professional custom-made 10-player hold'em poker table. Each table is unique and handcrafted to order using the highest quality materials.

I offer a large range in choices of colors for the playing surface and rail as well as several accessories and options.

See my image gallery of poker tables I've built.


Standard Table

Each poker table includes the following:

  • 96" long by 44" wide, easily accomodates 10 players
  • Casino table height of 28" high from the ground to the table surface
  • Padded playing surface covered with velveteen fabric
  • 5" wide padded rail wrapped with soft leather-like vinyl
  • Polyurethaned surface under the padding to ensure drink spills don't soak into the wood
  • Locking mechanism to secure the rail to the table, but easy to release for removing the rail
  • Heavy-duty steel folding legs

Standard 10-player hold'em table: $1,100 Sale price $900



Dealer Cut-Out with Drop-In Chip Tray. 24" cut-out space in the rail for a dealer spot, trimmed with red oak. Edges of rail are rounded and covered for a smooth finish. Drop-in chip tray (included) fits snugly and can be easily removed.

Dealer cut-out option: add $300 Sale price $225


Drink Holders. Ten (10) drop-in drink holders flush with the rail. Fits either standard beverage cans or bottles.

Drink holders (stainless steel) option: add $300 Sale price $225

Drink holders (brass) option: add $325 Sale price $250


Cards Suits Cloth Pattern. Instead of velveteen, you can have your poker table covered with a card suit pattern. Choose from a selection of colors.

Suited cloth option: add $50


Ordering and Delivery

Each custom poker table I build is handcrafted to order. It takes about 2 weeks from the time you order until your custom handcrafted poker table is completed. I require a 50% deposit of the total amount to begin your order. The remaining 50% is due upon completion. Virginia sales please add 5% sales tax.

I can deliver your poker table within a 20 mile radius of Reston, VA at no extra charge. Please call to arrange delivery to other locations.

Send me an e-mail message for a price quote and ordering instructions.


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