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Building the Poker Table
House Rules
Blinds Structure
Payout Schedule

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House Rules

We play according to:

If there is a conflict between Robert's Rules and our House Rules, then our House Rules supersede.

All Games

  • Make your action in turn.
  • Do not splash the pot.
  • String bets are not allowed. Only the first action of a string bet is recognized.
  • You cannot "go light" and owe money to the pot. You cannot add cash while a hand is in progress. You cannot call, bet, or raise more than what you have in chips. You may buy more chips after the hand is over.
  • In Limit games, raising is capped at 3 raises per betting round when there are more than 2 players. Heads-up, there is no cap.
  • Check-raises are allowed.
  • Tapping the table, tapping your cards, or tapping your chips is recognized as a check.
  • If you need more time, call "Time".
  • If a player is taking an unusual amount of time, any other player may call "Clock" and the slow player will be given a limited time to make a decision or his hand will be dead
  • Protect your cards. Put a chip, coin, or some object on your cards to protect your cards. If your cards hit the muck, they are considered dead.
  • Cards and chips may never leave the table. Keep your cards on the table. Keep your cards and chips visible to all players.
  • If anyone, whether in the hand or not, sees another player's card, or a burn card, then that card must be shown to all players.
  • Sunglasses are not allowed to be worn at the table.


  • At the end of certain levels, lower denomination chips are taken out of circulation and converted up to the next denomination. Players' leftover chips are rounded to the next denomination. Example:
    • one T$25 leftover chip = lose chip
    • two T$25 leftover chips = receive one T$100 chip
    • three T$25 leftover chips = receive one T$100 chip

No-Show Policy

If you RSVP'd "Yes" to a game and cannot make it, PLEASE update your response on Evite or call me. No-shows break the game. Cancellations are acceptable, but no-shows just aren't. We're gonna have a "3 strikes" rule for no-shows, after which the no-show is removed from the invitation list and can only be added back by pre-paying for the next game.

How to Get Banned Policy

A player is permanently banned from our poker game, under any of the following conditions:

  • Cheating (at cards, not your spouse -- that's your personal nightmare not ours)
  • Making threats to the personal safety of others
  • Aggressive physical contact with others, including pushing, punching, wrestling, kung-fu, kicking, biting, hair-pulling, head-butting
  • Pointing a weapon at others

Name-calling falls under the "sticks and stones" exception to this policy. Lying falls under the "pants on fire" exception to this policy.

Players are coming here to play poker, not get into a streetfight brawl, let alone worry about whether their personal safety is at risk. Let's just play cards.

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